S-IVB Apollo stages

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This addon adds the S-IVB stages of the Saturn 1B and Saturn V rockets that propelled the Apollo missions to LEO, Skylab, and the Moon. About 7 out of 21 stages with known orbital data are included on this addon:

  • 1966-059A = AS-203
  • 1968-089B = AS-205 (Apollo 7)
  • 1968-118B = AS-503 (Apollo 8)
  • 1969-018B = AS-504 (Apollo 9)
  • 1969-043B = AS-505 (Apollo 10)
  • 1969-059B = AS-506 (Apollo 11)
  • 1969-099B = AS-507 (Apollo 12), later rediscovered as J002E3


  • The addon's Go-to Object button will take you to the S-IVB stage of Apollo 12, which was rediscovered in 2002 as J002E3 and is currently in heliocentric orbit
  • Only the S-IVB stages that are currently in heliocentric orbit (from Apollo 8 to 12) can be visited on the Present Day, as most of them have either burned up on the atmosphere or deliberately crashed onto the Moon
  • The names of these upper stages are permanently hidden to simulate their status as inactive, defunct objects floating in space, but they can still be searched on Celestia itself upon entering the word "S-IVB" or "AS-"

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