Luna 15 to 24

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The Luna Ye-8-5 spacecraft were a series of Soviet lunar landers that were designed to collect lunar samples robotically and send them back to Earth for analysis. Part of the overall Luna program, they were the first sample-return space probes ever launched and has successfully retrieved a total 301.1 g of lunar material across 3/11 successful missions from 1969 to 1976

Luna Program
Mission Start End
Luna 15 1969-Jul-171969-Jul-21
Crashed on Mare Crisium, notable for running in parallel with Apollo 11
Cosmos 300 1969-Sept-231969-Sept-25
Stranded in LEO after TLI burn failure
Cosmos 305 1969-Oct-221969-Oct-24
Stranded in LEO after TLI burn failure
Luna 16 1970-Sept-121970-Sept-24
Landed on Mare Fecundidatis. First successful robotic sample-return mission
Luna 18 1971-Sept-21971-Sept-11
Crashed on Terra Apollonius
Luna 20 1972-Feb-141972-Feb-25
Landed on Terra Apollonius, just 1.8 km from Luna 18's crash site
Luna 23 1974-Oct-281974-Nov-9
Hard-landed on Mare Crisium, failed to complete primary mission
Luna 24 1976-Aug-91976-Aug-22
Landed on Mare Crisium, last successful Soviet robotic space mission ever

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