Voskhod 1 and 2

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The Voskhod project is an interim Soviet manned space program that ran from 1964 to 1966, concurrent with NASA's Project Gemini program. Derived from the earlier Vostok capsule, the Voskhod was the first spacecraft to carry two and three people to space at a time, and in March 18, 1965 saw the first successful EVA or spacewalk by Alexey Leonov. However, the program was abruptly terminated following the introduction of the much advanced Soyuz spacecraft, which continues to fly to this day


  • To view each Voskhod flight in Celestia, you must set your time on/between the following dates indicated on the Table below
  • Alexei Leonov's spacewalk occured on 1965-Mar-18 (08:33 to 08:49 UTC)

Voskhod Program
Mission Start End
Cosmos 47 1964-Oct-41964-Oct-7
Voskhod 1 1964-Oct-121964-Oct-13
The first multi-crewed spaceflight mission in history
Cosmos 57 1965-Feb-22
Tested the Volga airlock for the subsequent Voskhod 2 mission
Voskhod 2 1965-Mar-181965-Mar-19
Featured the world's first spacewalk ever by Alexei Leonov
Cosmos 110 1966-Feb-221966-Mar-16
Longest spaceflight mission by dogs (as of 2022)
Timeline of every Voskhod spaceflight, 1964-1966

Voskhod 2 being prepared for launch, 1965

The crew of Voskhod 1 (1964): Konstantin Feoktistov (left), Vladimir Komarov (center) and Boris Yegorov (right)

The crew of Voskhod 2 (1965): Alexei Leonov (left) and Pavel Belyayev (right)

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