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Al-Amal, known internationally as the Emirates Mars Mission or simply Hope, is the first of three spacecraft bound for Mars that was launched in July 2020, along with Tianwen-1 and Perseverance/Ingenuity. It is the UAE's first interplanetary mission, and it reached Mars successfully on 2021-Feb-9, just days ahead of the two aforementioned probes. From its unique high Martian orbit, it will study daily and seasonal weather cycles, weather events in the lower atmosphere such as dust storms, and how the weather varies in different regions of the planet. It will also add to knowledge about Mars atmospheric hydrogen and oxygen loss and other possible reasons behind the planet's drastic climate changes.

The Hope orbiter inside the clean room from JAXA before launch, 2020

Launch of the H-IIA rocket carrying Al-Amal to Mars, 2020-Jul-19

Al-Amal/Hope's first image of Mars, shortly after orbital insertion, 2021-Feb-15

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