Risa System

Author(s): Jestr fungun

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Risa is an inhabited Federation planet orbiting Epsilon Ceti B. Originally a rain-soaked geologically unstable planet, its native inhabitants eventually developed a technologically superior weather control system that allows it to become a popular tourist attraction of tropical resorts and pristine beaches by the 24th century


  • The "Go-to Object" button will take you automatically to the star Epsilon Ceti B. Once there, Risa can now be visited
  • Starbase 12 and a single Type-9 shuttlecraft is also included here. Both spacecraft can only be seen in the future
  • Starbase 12 is visible starting 2167, while the Type 9 shuttlecraft is only visible from 2360 onwards

Starbase 12 orbiting the planet Risa

A Type-9 shuttlecraft circling around Starbase 12

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