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Cassini was a joint NASA/ESA planetary flagship mission that studied Saturn and its moons from 2004 to 2017. It was launched on 1997-Oct-15 on a seven-year-journey that visited Venus (twice), Earth, and Jupiter en route to the ringed planet. Seven months upon arriving on Saturn, Huygens became the first spacecraft to land on the surface of Titan on 2005-Jan-14

Cassini being prepared for launch, 1997-Jul-22

Launch on a Titan IV-B/Centaur rocket, 1997-Oct-15

The Earth and the Moon, 1999-Aug-18

Jupiter prior to closest approach, 2000-Dec-7

180-degree panorama of the landing area of Huygens, 2005-Jan-14

The landing site of Huygens, 2005-Jan-14

The Great Storm of 2010

The Day the Earth Smiled, 2013-Jul-19

The geysers of Enceladus, 2014-Jul-28

Saturn a year before the Grand Finale, 2016-Sept-14

The Moons of Saturn with high-resolution images from Cassini (not to scale), 2004-2017

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