Hypothetical Bodies

Author(s): Michael Rinschler

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This add-on includes several hypothetical bodies theorized but not found or later discovered not to exist. These all were seriously believed to exist at some time in the past, whether due to observational mistakes or errors in Newtonian physics. The objects added are the hypothesized planets Vulcan and Planet X along with the once hypothesized moons Lilith, Neith, and Themis. Recently updated to fix the lack of texture issue with Planet X.

Vulcan, not to be confused with the planet from Star Trek or the hypothetical asteroid group in the same orbit area.

Neith, though to a moon of Venus but turned out to be a star.

Lilith, the once hypothesized asteroid moon of Earth.

Themis, the once hypothesized moon of Saturn

Planet X, not to be confused with Planet 9, Planet X is what was thought to exist before Pluto's discovery in 1930.

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