Molniya 1

Author(s): Lepestronik

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Molniya 1 was a series of satellites launched by the Soviet Union, designed to for television, telegraph and telephone across Russia. They were also fitted with cameras used for weather monitoring, and possibly for assessing clear areas for Zenit spy satellites

NOTE: This addon only adds the first four Molniya 1 satellites that reached orbit. To see them, you must adjust the time on Celestia:

Molniya-1-01: 1965-Apr-23 ~ 1979-May-27

Molniya-1-02: 1965-Oct-14 ~ 1967-Mar-17

Molniya-1-03: 1966-Apr-25 ~ 1973-Jun-11

Molniya-1-04: 1966-Oct-20 ~ 1968-Sept-11

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