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The third spacecraft under the New Frontiers program, OSIRIS-REx is a NASA asteroid mission launched in 2016 to retrieve 60-2000 g of material from asteroid 101955 Bennu. It reached the asteroid in late 2018, and made its sample collection in 2020. It is expected to return to Earth on 2023, and afterwards will go to the asteroid 99942 Apophis by 2029


  • Requires the asteroids 99942 Apophis and 101955 Bennu installed first in order for this addon to work
  • Set your date a few minutes before "2020-Oct-20, 21:48:00" to see the TAGSAM collection of asteroid samples on Bennu in action
  • As of 2023, there is no sufficient trajectory data yet available to actually see the spacecraft's encounter with Apophis in 2029, the closest distance it achieves is only 47 km away on 2029-Jun-5. Will update this once additional trajectory data becomes available in the coming months

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