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Kepler-438 Ab is an exoplanet similar in size to Earth, orbiting the red dwarf Kepler-438 A at a distance of 472.9 light-years from Earth. It was discovered by the Kepler space telescope on January 6, 2015. Kepler-438 Ab orbits within the habitable zone of its parent star, where it could have liquid water on its surface. Therefore, this planet is subject to a powerful radiation activity from its star every 100 days, due to immense solar flares, which would prevent life from developing on the planet.

NOTE: This addon features two different textures for Kepler-438 Ab, one a forest-type world, and the other an eyeball planet. This follows the pre-2016 assumptions that this planet's conditions are somewhat Earth-like

The star Kepler-438 A looms large over its sole planet's horizon

Kepler-438 Ab depicted as a forest-covered planet (left) and an eyeball-like planet (right)

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