Minor Planets: 5 to 100

Author(s): Greg Frieger Art Blos Zemlyanin

Release date:

Last updated:

Part 1 of Celestia Origin's minor planet catalog, from 5 Astraea to 100 Hekate. Furthermore, it also includes the respective satellites of 22 Kalliope, 31 Euphrosyne, 41 Daphne and 93 Minerva.


- This addon does not include asteroids 21 Lutetia and 90 Antiope, which are available in separate addons in the "Main Belt" category.

- 7 Iris, 10 Hygiea, 16 Psyche, 45 Eugenia and 87 Sylvia are found in the default Celestia.

- The "Go-to Object" button will take you to the first asteroid, 5 Astraea.

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