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Project Apollo, was the third NASA human spaceflight program which succeeded in preparing and landing the first humans on the Moon from 1968 to 1972. A total of 15 crewed missions were launched as part of the program, of which nine were lunar missions and six of these have successfully sent 24 people on the Moon, of which 12 have landed on its surface. As of 2022, it is the only human spaceflight program that has successfully sent astronauts beyond LEO, a feat that will soon be changed by NASA's Artemis Program and the Chinese Lunar Exploration Project in the near future.


  • The "Go to Object" button will take you to the LEM descent stage of Apollo 11. See the Table below on how to visit the other missions of this program
  • The 3D representation of the actual landing sites are available as separate addons: Tranquility Base, Statio Cognitum, Fra Mauro, Hadley-Apennine, Descartes Highlands, and Taurus-Littrow
  • In the Present Day, only the LEM descent stages, LRVs and ALSEP instruments can be visited. Refer to the Table below in order to see specific missions play out in real time
  • Includes rough EVA representations of the 12 astronauts that walked onto the surface of the Moon
  • There are no flown missions officially designated Apollo 1, 2 and 3 even in real life

A full stack of the two components of an Apollo spacecraft in lunar orbit

An Apollo CSM in lunar orbit

An Apollo LEM on the lunar surface

A Lunar Roving Vehicle, used during Apollo 15 to 17

Portrait of every single astronaut that walked on the lunar surface

Portrait of every single astronaut that only stayed in lunar orbit/flyby

Project Apollo
Mission Start End
Apollo 4- 1967-Nov-9
First uncrewed test flight of the Apollo CSM
Apollo 5- 1968-Jan-221968-Jan-24
Uncrewed test flight of the Apollo LEM
Apollo 6- 1968-Apr-4
Second uncrewed test flight of the Apollo CSM
Apollo 7- 1968-Oct-111968-Oct-22
First crewed Apollo mission in LEO
Apollo 8- 1968-Dec-211968-Dec-27
First crewed spaceflight in lunar orbit
Apollo 9Gumdrop CSM 1969-Mar-31969-Mar-13
Spider LEM
Dress rehearsal test flight in LEO
Apollo 10Charlie Brown CSM 1969-May-181969-May-26
Snoopy LEM
Dress rehearsal test flight in lunar orbit
Apollo 11Columbia CSM 1969-Jul-161969-Jul-24
Eagle LEM
Landed on Tranquility Base
Apollo 12Yankee Clipper CSM 1969-Nov-141969-Nov-24
Intrepid LEM
Landed on Statio Cognitum near Surveyor 3
Apollo 13Odyssey CSM 1970-Apr-111970-Apr-17
Aquarius LEM
Mission aborted after in-flight explosion
Apollo 14Kitty Hawk CSM 1971-Jan-311971-Feb-9
Antares LEM
Landed on Fra Mauro, original site for Apollo 13
Apollo 15Endeavour CSM 1971-Jul-261971-Aug-7
Falcon LEM
Landed on Hadley-Apennine
Apollo 16Casper CSM 1972-Apr-161972-Apr-27
Orion LEM
Landed on Descartes Highlands
Apollo 17America CSM 1972-Dec-71972-Dec-16
Challenger LEM
Landed on Taurus-Littrow
Skylab 2- 1973-May-281973-Jun-22
Skylab (Expedition 1), 28 days
Skylab 3- 1973-Jul-281973-Sept-25
Skylab (Expedition 2), 59 days
Skylab 4- 1973-Nov-161974-Feb-8
Skylab (Expedition 3), 84 days
Apollo 18- 1975-Jul-151975-Jul-24
Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (ASTP)
Timeline of every mission during the Apollo program, 1967-1975

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