Polar Operational Environmental Satellite

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The Polar Operational Environmental Satellite (POES) was a series of polar orbiting weather satellites funded by the NOAA and EUMETSAT with the intent of improving the accuracy and detail of weather analysis and forecasting. From 1978 to 2009, a total of 16 POES satellites were launched, with only three that are still operational as of 2022

Polar Operational Environmental Satellites
Mission Start End
POES-1 (TIROS-N) 1978-Oct-131981-Feb-27
POES-2 (NOAA-6) 1979-Jun-271987-Mar-31
POES-3 (NOAA-B) 1980-May-291981-May-3
Satellite lost in a launch failure
POES-4 (NOAA-7) 1981-Jun-231986-Jun-30
POES-5 (NOAA-8) 1983-Mar-281986-Jan-9
POES-6 (NOAA-9) 1984-Dec-121998-Feb-13
POES-7 (NOAA-10) 1986-Sept-172001-Aug-30
POES-8 (NOAA-11) 1988-Sept-242004-Jun-16
POES-9 (NOAA-12) 1991-May-142007-Aug-10
POES-10 (NOAA-13) 1993-Aug-91993-Aug-21
Satellite lost in an electrical failure
POES-11 (NOAA-14) 1994-Dec-302007-Feb-23
POES-12 (NOAA-15) 1981-Jun-23(Active)
Currently in standby mode since 2019
POES-13 (NOAA-16) 2000-Sept-212014-Jun-9
POES-14 (NOAA-17) 2002-Jun-242013-Apr-10
POES-15 (NOAA-18) 2005-May-20(Active)
POES-16 (NOAA-19) 2009-Feb-6(Active)

Timeline of the POES program, 1978-Present

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