Earth: Geological History

Author(s): fyr02 jmdollan Askaniy

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An addon that brings a spectacular view of the history of our planet Earth, from 4.5 billion to 20 million years in the past. This addon adds 46 alternate surfaces for Earth, showing what our planet might have looked like at different times.


  • If you install this addon, it is highly recommended that you also install the Earth addon, so that the default Earth texture matches these alternate surfaces.
  • When viewing the alternate surface "4500 million years ago", you must disable the atmosphere and clouds in Celestia's settings.

A sample of 4 of the 46 alternative surfaces.

Earth about 65 million years ago, moments before the K-Pg extinction event, popularly known as the dinosaur extinction.

Earth about 220 million years ago, when Pangea was the only continent on the planet.

Earth 3.5 billion years ago, when the first life forms were emerging.

Earth 4.5 billion years ago, shortly after its formation, when it was a planet hostile to any form of life.

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