Soyuz: 1971-1981

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The Soyuz spacecraft is a Soviet/Russian crewed spacecraft that were in active service since 1967. Originally built as part of the Soviet Manned Lunar Program, it was then redesigned as a shuttlecraft for LEO space stations starting in 1971. This addon covers the Soyuz flights to Salyut stations from 1971 to 1981, including test missions assigned with Cosmos designations


The following list below must be installed for Soyuz missions visiting space stations:


  • The default Go-to button will take you to Salyut 6, where the very last flight of the Soyuz 7K model occurred (Soyuz 40)
  • This addon excludes missions from the same time period that are related to ASTP and the later Soyuz T model. They are separate addons here: ASTP and 1981-1986
  • On its own, only the missions that did not visit a space station are visible at any given date. Refer to the dates on the Table below to view the Soyuz flights included on this add-on

Soyuz 11

Mission Start End
Soyuz 10 1971-Apr-221971-Apr-24
Failed mission to Salyut 1
Soyuz 11 1971-Jun-71971-Jun-29
Salyut 1 (Expedition 1). All three cosmonauts were killed shortly before reentry
Cosmos 496 1972-Jun-261972-Jul-2
Cosmos 573 1973-Jun-151973-Jun-17
Soyuz 12 1973-Sept-271973-Sept-29
First crewed orbital test flight after the Soyuz 11 disaster
Cosmos 613 1973-Nov-301974-Jan-29
Soyuz 13 1973-Dec-181973-Dec-26
Astronomy mission. Carried the Orion-2 space telescope to observe celestial objects, most notably C/1973 E1 (Kohoutek)
Cosmos 656 1974-May-271974-May-29
Soyuz 14 1974-Jul-41974-Jul-19
Salyut 3 (Expedition 1)
Soyuz 15 1974-Aug-261974-Aug-28
Failed mission to Salyut 3
Soyuz 17 1975-Jan-121975-Feb-9
Salyut 4 (Expedition 1)
Soyuz 18-1 1975-Apr-5
Failed mission to Salyut 4. Did not reach orbit due to launch failure. All cosmonauts survived
Soyuz 18 1975-May-251975-Jul-26
Salyut 4 (Expedition 2)
Soyuz 20 1975-Nov-191976-Feb-15
Uncrewed mission to Salyut 4
Soyuz 21 1976-Jul-71976-Aug-24
Salyut 5 (Expedition 1)
Soyuz 23 1976-Oct-141976-Oct-16
Failed mission to Salyut 5. Unintentionally made the only splashdown landing of the Soyuz programme
Soyuz 24 1977-Feb-81977-Feb-25
Salyut 5 (Expedition 2)
Soyuz 25 1977-Oct-91977-Oct-11
Failed mission to Salyut 6
Soyuz 26 1977-Dec-111978-Jan-16
Salyut 6 (Expedition 1). Crew stay aboard for 96 days before landing on Soyuz 27
Soyuz 27 1978-Jan-111978-Mar-16
Salyut 6 (EP-1). Crew landed on Soyuz 26
Soyuz 28 1978-Mar-31978-Mar-10
Salyut 6 (EP-2)
Soyuz 29 1977-Dec-111978-Jan-16
Salyut 6 (Expedition 2). Crew stay aboard for 139 days before landing on Soyuz 31
Soyuz 30 1978-Jun-281978-Jul-5
Salyut 6 (EP-3)
Soyuz 31 1978-Aug-281978-Nov-2
Salyut 6 (EP-4). Crew landed on Soyuz 29
Soyuz 32 1979-Feb-261979-Jun-13
Salyut 6 (Expedition 3). Crew stay aboard for 175 days before landing on Soyuz 34
Soyuz 33 1979-Apr-101979-Apr-12
Failed mission to Salyut 6
Soyuz 34 1979-Jun-81979-Aug-19
Uncrewed replacement for Soyuz 32 as insurance in the aftermath of the Soyuz 33 incident
Soyuz 35 1980-Apr-101980-Jun-3
Salyut 6 (Expedition 4). Crew stay aboard for 185 days before landing on Soyuz 37
Soyuz 36 1980-May-271980-Jul-31
Salyut 6 (EP-5). Crew landed on Soyuz 35
Soyuz 37 1980-Jul-241980-Nov-11
Salyut 6 (EP-7). Crew landed on Soyuz 36
Soyuz 38 1980-Sept-191980-Sept-26
Salyut 6 (EP-8)
Soyuz 39 1981-Mar-231981-Mar-30
Salyut 6 (EP-10)
Soyuz 40 1981-May-151981-May-22
Salyut 6 (EP-11)
Timeline of all Soyuz spaceflights (excluding the Soyuz T and ASTP-related missions), 1971-1981.

Soyuz 12

Soyuz 13

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