Soyuz: 1980-1986

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The Soyuz spacecraft is a Soviet/Russian crewed spacecraft that were in active service since 1967. Originally built as part of the Soviet Manned Lunar Program, it was then redesigned as a shuttlecraft for LEO space stations starting in 1971. This addon covers the Soyuz flights to Salyut stations from 1980 to 1986, including test missions assigned with Cosmos designations that flew the same model starting 1974


The following list below must be installed for Soyuz missions visiting space stations:


  • The default Go-to button will take you to Salyut 7, where the majority of Soyuz flights during this time period took place
  • On its own, only the missions that did not visit a space station are visible at any given date. Refer to the dates on the Table below to view the Soyuz flights included on this add-on

Mission Start End
Cosmos 670 1974-Aug-61974-Aug-9
Cosmos 772 1975-Sept-291975-Oct-2
Cosmos 869 1976-Nov-291976-Dec-17
Cosmos 1001 1978-Apr-41978-Apr-15
Cosmos 1074 1979-Jan-311979-Apr-1
Soyuz T-1 1979-Dec-191980-Mar-23
Uncrewed test flight to Salyut 6
Soyuz T-2 1980-Jun-61980-Jun-9
Salyut 6 (EP-6)
Soyuz T-3 1980-Nov-281980-Dec-10
Salyut 6 (Expedition 5), 12 days
Soyuz T-4 1981-Mar-131981-May-26
Salyut 6 (Expedition 6), 75 days
Soyuz T-5 1982-May-141982-Aug-27
Salyut 7 (Expedition 1), 211 days. Crew landed on Soyuz T-7
Soyuz T-6 1982-Jun-251982-Jul-2
Salyut 7 (EP-1)
Soyuz T-7 1982-Aug-201982-Dec-10
Salyut 7 (EP-2), crew landed on Soyuz T-5
Soyuz T-8 1983-Apr-201983-Apr-22
Failed mission to Salyut 7
Soyuz T-9 1983-Jun-261983-Nov-23
Salyut 7 (Expedition 2), 149 days
Soyuz T-10-1 1983-Sept-26
Failed mission to Salyut 7. Rocket destroyed a few minutes before launch. All cosmonauts survived after capsule was pulled away to safety
Soyuz T-10 1984-Feb-91984-Apr-11
Salyut 7 (Expedition 3), 237 days. Crew landed on Soyuz T-11
Soyuz T-11 1984-Apr-41984-Oct-2
Salyut 7 (EP-3), crew landed on Soyuz T-10
Soyuz T-12 1984-Jul-181984-Jul-29
Salyut 7 (EP-4),
Soyuz T-13 1985-Jun-81985-Sept-26
Salyut 7 (Expedition 4), 168 days. Reactivated Salyut 7 after it was disabled unexpectedly on 1985-Feb-11
Soyuz T-14 1985-Sept-181985-Nov-21
Salyut 7 (Expedition 5), 65 days. First direct crew transfer of two space station expeditions in space
Soyuz T-15 1986-Mar-181986-Jul-16
Mir/Salyut 7 (Expedition 1/6), 125 days. Only spaceflight to visit two space stations simultaneously
Timeline of all Soyuz spaceflights, 1980-1986.

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