Celestia for Xbox

Celestia is now available on Xbox. The Xbox version is based on Celestia for Windows 10 and has most of the functionality that the desktop version has. Before getting started, it is best that you read the following notes.


Celestia for Xbox is available on Microsoft Store. You can get it here.

Basic Navigation

Like other apps on Xbox, Celestia uses the same navigation system. When the UI overlay is activated (for example, when you open a dialog or activate the menu via menu button), you can navigation through the buttons using the thumbstick or direction pad buttons. Press A and most likely you will invoke the action that the focus is in. Press B and most likely you will close the dialog or other overlay.

Controller Actions

The vanilla Celestia for Win32 has limited support for game controllers, but we've added support more game controller button actions and features. A list of game controller actions is provided here. To customize the button and thumbstick actions, follow these steps:

Press menu/select button to bring up the menu

Navigation to File, then Settings

Open Setting via button A, navigate to the main content and press A to enter

Navigate the the Game Controller tab, it might be hidden in ...

Navigate into the settings, and change actions according to your like

When you are done, go back by pressing button B

Free Flight Mode

With a game controller you can explore with free flight mode of Celestia. The setting is in Navigation, Flight Mode. To learn more about flight modes, visit here.

Missing Features

While we try to provide feature parity with the desktop version, there are some features that are not available on Xbox at the moment. They may become available in future versions.

  • Customize data to load