Week 10, 2022: Newest Addons of the Week

These are the newest and updated add-ons available for download starting this week (Mar 6 - 12, 2022) by category

Asteroids & NEOs

The two identical asteroids that make up 90 Antiope

Black Holes

Pōwehi, the central black hole of Messier 87


NGC 6440 X-2 b, a planet 8000x larger than its star (because it's a neutron star)

Planets & Moons

The Great Storm of 2010 raging Saturn's northern hemisphere


Hayabusa 2 and its target asteroid, 162173 Ryugu

  • Aqua by toutatis
  • Aura by toutatis
  • Genesis by Jack Higgins
  • Hayabusa 2 by DaveBowman2001, Askaniy, and toutatis
  • Terra by toutatis
  • Wind by DaveBowman2001, toutatis, and gironde



Vega and its surrounding protoplanetary disk

Other news: What's new in Celestia 1.5.3

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