Celestia on Social Media and Celestia PLUS

We recently opened accounts on Instagram, Bluesky, and YouTube, in addition to X. We are also planning to expand the appearance of Celestia to other platforms in the future. Give us a follow wherever you are!

Celestia PLUS

With the release of (mobile) Celestia 1.6.0, we have introduced a subscription service called Celestia PLUS. You can become a Celestia PLUS member by tapping here on a supported client.

Custom fonts for display in Celestia (On Android it requires Android 10+)

Exclusive add-on categories to help you stay up to date

Quickly find add-ons by searching using keywords

The service is available if you are running Celestia on iOS 15+, macOS 12+, or Android (installed from Google Play).

This is an effort to improve the financial status of the project. We will be adding more features to Celestia PLUS, stay tuned!

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