What's New in Celestia 1.5.24

Celestia (Android/iOS/macOS) 1.5.24 and Celestia for UWP (Windows/Xbox) are released. With this release, you can send bug reports and feature suggestions right inside the app with e-mail.

App updates

  1. Added link to online About page
  2. Removed link to forum (Android/iOS/macOS)
  3. Added "Get Info" option in context menu
  4. Added support for copying text in Favorites → Destinations (UWP: Tools → Tour Guide)
  5. Added settings to Current Time in Time Control (Android/iOS/macOS)
  6. Added a feedback option
  7. Added more menubar actions (macOS)
  8. Moved tools menu is to sidebar (macOS)

Core updates

  1. Fixed reading 3DS smoothing groups
  2. Calculate planets shading in fragment shaders

Content updates

  1. Added star and exoplanet names
  2. Fixed star orbits for incorrectly reversed binaries