Game Controller

Celestia has full support for game controllers. When your device is paired with a supported game controller, Celestia starts receiving inputs from the controller automatically with no action required (On Win32, you can use F8 to toggle game controller control).

While vanilla Celestia for Win32 only uses a limited number of buttons (see here), Celestia on Android/iOS/macOS/Windows(UWP) adds a layer of customization which enables uses of more buttons. You can find out about them in Settings -> Game Controller (on Windows, it is File -> Settings -> Game Controller).


For the buttons listed in the settings, you can assign an action to each of them. The Menu/Select button is kept for showing the menu.

Action Description
None Button action will be ignored
Travel Faster Increase the speed of traveling (default for button X / Square)
Travel Slower Decrease the speed of traveling (default for button A / X)
Stop Set the speed of traveling to 0
Reverse Travel Direction Travel in the opposite direction, current orientation is kept
Reverse Observer Orientation Change orientation to the opposite of current
Tap Center Simulate a click at the center of the view
Go to Object Go to the current selected object
Esc Simulate Esc key
Pitch Up/Down Change pitch (default for D-pad up, down)
Yaw Left/Right Change yaw
Roll Left/Right Change roll (default for LT RT / L2 R2, D-pad left, right)

For example you can custommize and apply the settings from below to get an experience closer to other games that supports game controllers.

Button Suggested Action
A / X Tap Center
B / Circle Esc
LT / L2 Travel Slower
D-pad Left Yaw Left
D-pad Right Yaw Right


Thumbsticks are used for Pitch Up/Down and Yaw Left/Right. You can invert them in the settings if necessary.