Touch, Mouse, Keyboard and Gamepad/Joystick Controls


Mobile Celestia supports touches, it has two modes on the sidebar where you can toggle between.

Mode Behavior
Camera Mode Drag to orient camera
Pinch to change field of view (FOV)
Object Mode Drag to orbit selected object
Pinch to adjust distance to selection


Action Behavior
Left Drag Orient camera
Right drag Orbit selected object [Shift+Arrow keys]
Left+Right Drag left/right Roll view left/right [Left/Right arrows]
Left+Right Drag up/down Adjust distance to selection [Home/End]
Wheel Adjust distance to selection [Home/End]
Ctrl+Left Drag up/down Adjust distance to selection [Home/End]
Shift+Left Drag Change Field of View (FOV) [. / ,]
Middle Button Toggle FOV between 45 degrees and previous setting
Left Click (on object) Select object [Enter key -- by object name]
Left Click (on no object) Cancel selection
Left Double Click (on object) Select and Center object
Right Click Bring up context menu


Action Behavior
1 - 9 Select planet around the nearest star
0 (zero) Select parent star of current planet or system
H Select Sol (Home system)
C Center on selected object
G Goto selected object
F Follow selected object
T Track selected object
Y Sync Orbit selected object at a rate synced to its rotation
: Lock on selected object
" Chase selected object
Shift+C Center/orbit --center the selected object without changing the position of the reference object
Ctrl+G Goto surface of selected object
Ctrl+F Toggle Alt-azimuth mode
Home Move closer to object
End Move further away from object
* Look back
Backspace Select parent of current object or clear the selection
Esc Cancel motion or script

Time Control

Action Behavior
Spacebar Pause/Resume the flow of time and scripts (toggle)
J Reverse/Forward time (toggle)
\ Set time rate: 1x forward (norm), cancels faster/slower x factors
L Change time rate: 10x faster
K Change time rate: 10x slower
Shift+L Change time rate: 2x faster
Shift+K Change time rate: 2x slower
! Set time to current system date and time
? Display light-travel delay between observer / selected object
- (hyphen) Subtract light-travel delay from current simulation time

Labels (on/off Toggles)

Action Behavior
E Galaxies
Shift+E Globulars
B Stars
P Planets
Shift+P Dwarf Planets
M Moons
Shift+M Minor Moons
W Asteroids
Shift+W Comets
N Spacecraft
= Constellations
& Locations

Render/Display (on/off Toggles)

Action Behavior
U Galaxies
Shift+U Globulars
^ Nebulae
Ctrl+A Atmospheres
I Clouds
Ctrl+L Night side maps
Ctrl+T Comet tails
Ctrl+E Eclipse shadows
Ctrl+B Constellation boundaries
/ Constellation diagrams
; Earth-based equatorial coordinate sphere
Ctrl+K Markers (placed on objects)
O Orbits (toggle ALL selected orbits)

Render Options

Action Behavior
{ Decrease Ambient Light
} Increase Ambient Light
( Decrease Galaxy Light Gain
) Increase Galaxy Light Gain
[ Decrease Magnitude Limit: AutoMag OFF: Decrease limiting magnitude (fewer stars), AutoMag ON: Decrease limiting magnitude at 45 deg FOV
] Increase Magnitude: AutoMag OFF: Increase limiting magnitude (more stars), AutoMag ON: Increase limiting magnitude at 45 deg FOV
Ctrl+Y Toggle Auto Magnitude (auto adaptation of star visibility to FOV
, Narrow Field Of View [Shift+Left Drag]
. Widen Field Of View [Shift+Left Drag]
Ctrl+X Toggle Antialias lines
Alt+Enter Toggle Display mode (Full-Screen / Windowed)
Ctrl+P Mark selected object
Ctrl+V Cycle among supported OpenGL render paths
+ Toggle Planet Texture type (Artistic / Limit of Knowledge)
% Star color table toggle
Ctrl+S Cycle the Star Style (points / fuzzy discs / scaled discs)
V Cycle the Info text verbosity (None / Terse / Verbose)
Ctrl+W Toggle Wireframe mode

Multiview Options

Action Behavior
Ctrl+R Split view horizontally into upper and lower sections
Ctrl+U Split view vertically into left and right sections
Tab Cycle through all active views
Del Delete active view
Ctrl+D Delete all views except active one (reset to Single view)
Action Behavior
Up/Down Arrow Pitch down/up
Left/Right Arrow Roll left/right
Shift+Left/Right Arrow Orbit object: right/left
Shift+Up/Down Arrow Orbit object: down/up
Action Behavior
8 Pitch down [Down arrow]
2 Pitch up [Up arrow]
7 Roll left [Left arrow]
9 Roll right [Right arrow]
5 Stop rotation
4 Yaw left
6 Yaw right

Motion (Spaceflight)

Action Behavior
Z Decrease velocity
A Increase velocity
Q Reverse direction
X Set movement direction toward center of screen
F2 Set velocity to 1 km/second
F3 Set velocity to 1,000 km/second
F4 Set velocity to speed of light (1 c)
F5 Set velocity to 10x the speed of light (10 c)
F6 Set velocity to 1 AU/second
F7 Set velocity to 1 light year/second
F1 Stop motion
S Stop motion

Other Functions

Action Behavior
Ctrl+C Copy location URL to clipboard (Cel:// URL)
Ctrl+Insert Copy location URL to clipboard (Cel:// URL)
F10 Capture Image to file (screenshot)
Shift+F10 Capture Movie to file (video)
F11 While in Movie Capture: Start / Pause capture
F12 While in Movie Capture: Stop capture
~ Toggle debug console (use Up/Down arrow keys to scroll list)
` Toggle display of "frames per second" (FPS) being rendered
Ctrl+O Display "Select Object" dialog box
@ Edit Mode toggle (to assist in the placement of objects)
Enter Toggle Name entry Mode (use Tab / Shift+Tab to highlight an item, Esc to exit)


You can customize behaviors by following this.

Action Behavior
F8 (Win32 Only) Toggle Joystick control
X axis Yaw Left/Right
Y axis Pitch Up/Down
L trigger Roll Left
R trigger Roll Right
Button 1 (A on Xbox, X on PS4) Move slower
Button 2 (X on Xbox, Square on PS4) Move faster


Mobile Celestia also supports mouse/keyboard controls when a mouse/keyboard is attached to the device. After switching to Camera Mode, the mouse/keyboard behaviors are very similar to the desktop behaviors.

Platform Issue Fix
Android Right mouse action (click/drag) not available Use left mouse button while holding ALT key
Chrome OS CTRL + drag does not work Also hold the ALT key for CTRL + drag
Android/Chrome OS Keyboard does not work sometimes Try to press enter key a few times when it happens
macOS Keyboard does not work sometimes On 1.5.18 to 1.5.23, click the menu. Press the Up/Down arrow key so that it displays a focus ring, and then close the menu