Week 19, 2024: Massive Solar Storm Hits Earth on May 10, 2024

On the second week of May 2024, a series of coronal mass ejections and solar flares originating from a large sunspot group called AR3663, struck the Earth as a powerful geomagnetic storm, with the strongest one so far erupting on May 10th. As a result, it generated aurorae as far south as Florida, USA and as far north as Australia. It is the first G5-class geomagnetic storm observed since 2003 and possibly the strongest one on record since March 1989

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Source: Space Weather Live

Gallery of the May 2024 solar storms

One of the coronal mass ejections that caused the May 2024 geomagnetic storm as observed by SOHO

AR3663 sunspot group, compared with the 1859 sunspot group that generated the Carrington Event

Global aurora forecasts as of May 11, 2024 (Credit: SpaceWeatherLive.com)

Aurorae Photographed by Celestia Discord Members

(Credit: Anthony_B_Russo)

(Credit: arkenar | gnollified)

(Credit: Askaniy)

(Credit: cubicApocalypse)

(Credit: PlutonianEmpire)

(Credit: Xiphosura)

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