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Juno is an active NASA spacecraft currently in polar orbit around Jupiter since 2016, the second spacecraft to do so after Galileo. Launched in 2011, its mission is to measure Jupiter's composition, gravitational field, magnetic field, and polar magnetosphere. It will also search for clues about how the planet formed, including whether it has a rocky core, the amount of water present within the deep atmosphere, mass distribution, and its deep winds

Inside the clean room prior to launch, 2011

Launch from an Atlas V, 2011-Nov-26

Flyby of Earth, 2013-Oct-9

Perijove 18, 2019-Feb-12

Perijove 26, 2020-Apr-10

Io during Perijove 8, 2017-Sept-1

Flyby of Ganymede, 2021-Jun-7

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