Rogue Planets

Author(s): SevenSpheres Zemlyanin

Release date:

This addon adds 12 candidate rogue planets, wandering through space without orbiting any stars.

NOTE: When researching the rogue planet and going to it, you must zoom in to get a closer look.

List of rogue planets available in the addon, to help you find each one:

  • CFBDSIR 2149-0403
  • MOA-2011-BLG-274L
  • MOA-2015-BLG-337L
  • OGLE-2012-BLG-1323L
  • OGLE-2016-BLG-1540L
  • OGLE-2017-BLG-0560L
  • OGLE-2019-BLG-0551L
  • PSO J318.5-22
  • WISE 0855-0714
  • WISE 1828+2650

CFBDSIR 2149-0403

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