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The Television Infrared Observation Satellite (TIROS) program is a NASA program dedicated to proving technology needed for forecasting weather and climate as seen in outer space. 19 satellites were launched between 1960 and 1969. They are the very first weather satellites in history

Television Infrared Observation Satellite
Mission Start End
First generation, 1960-1965
TIROS-1 1960-Apr-11960-Jun-15
First-ever weather satellite in history
TIROS-2 1960-Nov-231961-Dec-4
Reentered on 2014-May-18
TIROS-3 1961-Jul-121962-Feb-28
TIROS-4 1962-Feb-81962-Jun-30
TIROS-5 1962-Jun-191963-May-14
TIROS-6 1962-Sept-181963-Oct-21
TIROS-7 1963-Jun-191968-Jun-3
Reentered on 1994-Jun-3
TIROS-8 1963-Dec-211967-Jul-1
TIROS-9 1965-Jan-221967-Feb-15
TIROS-10 1965-Jul-21966-Jul-31
2nd generation, 1966-1969
TIROS-11 (ESSA-1) 1966-Feb-31968-Jun-12
TIROS-12 (ESSA-2) 1966-Feb-281970-Oct-16
TIROS-13 (ESSA-3) 1966-Oct-21968-Dec-2
TIROS-14 (ESSA-4) 1967-Jan-211968-May-5
TIROS-15 (ESSA-5) 1967-Apr-201969?
TIROS-16 (ESSA-6) 1967-Nov-101969?
TIROS-17 (ESSA-7) 1968-Aug-161970?
TIROS-18 (ESSA-8) 1968-Dec-151976-Mar-12
TIROS-19 (ESSA-9) 1969-Feb-261972-Nov
Timeline of the first 19 TIROS satellites

One of the very first TV images of Earth were taken by TIROS-1, 1960-Mar-31

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