Barnard 335

Author(s): Trolligi

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Barnard 335, also known as LDN 663, is a small, very dense dark nebula about 536.22 light-years away in the constellation Aquila. It is considered to be a Bok globule, which are extremely dark areas in space that reach temperatures as low as 10 Kelvin


  • This nebula is so dark that it could be difficult to see in Celestia, especially in normal brightness levels
  • It is highly recommended that galaxies are enabled in "Settings" -> "Objects", and adjust the Galaxy brightness to the highest level, which is found in "Settings" -> "Render Parameters"

Barnard 335 is that dark "cloud" in the center, with the Milky Way as its background to make it more visible

Barnard 335 as seen through a telescope (Source: Cosmoquest Forums)

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