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Mir was a Soviet/Russian space station that operated from 1986 to 2001. It is the first modular space station ever built, and held the record of the longest continuous human presence in space (10 years) until it was surpassed by the ISS in 2010. Cosmonauts and astronauts stay aboard the station for 7 to 437 days, arriving from both Soyuz and the Space Shuttle. The lessons in space station assembly that was conducted until 1996 became essential for the completion of the ISS and Tiangong years after Mir was deorbited onto the Pacific Ocean


  • This replaces the stock installation of Mir.
  • Requires Salyut 7 and Space Shuttle addons for Soyuz T-15 and Shuttle-Mir missions to work properly

Mir Program
Mission Start End
Date Time (UTC) Date Time (UTC)
Mir 1986-Feb-1921:28:002001-Mar-2305:59:00
Kvant-1 1987-Mar-3100:06:00
Kvant-2 1989-Nov-2613:01:00
Kristall 1990-May-3110:33:00
Spektr 1995-May-2003:33:00
Rendered useless in 1997-Jun-25
Shuttle Docking Module 1995-Nov-2012:30:43
Launched from Space Shuttle Atlantis
Priroda 1996-Apr-2311:48:00
The modules that make up the Mir space station

Mir Program
Spacecraft Variant No. of Missions
Soyuz T1
Progress 7K-TG18
Space Shuttle Atlantis7
Total no. of every visiting spacecraft to Mir during its entire lifetime

Mir during the arrival of Soyuz T-15, March 1986

Mir and Soyuz TM-3, July 1987

Mir and Soyuz TM-9, February 1990

Progress M-17 departing Mir to make room for Soyuz TM-17, July 1993

STS-71 (Atlantis) shortly before undocking from Mir, July 1995

Mir as seen from the approaching STS-86 (Atlantis), September 1997

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