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Almaz-T, also known as Resurs-R, is a series of large military radar satellites operated by the Soviet Union from 1986 to 1992. Their design were basically cores of manned military Almaz space stations under the Salyut program in the 1970s before being cancelled and later repurposed for robotic missions, providing radar imaging capabilities used in geophysical, agricultural, geological and environmental applications. Three satellites were launched, including one that has been lost in a launch failure. All Almaz-T satellites were deorbited at the end of their missions

Mission Start End
Date Time (UTC) Date Time (UTC)
Almaz-T1 1986-Nov-2908:00:00launch failure
Cosmos 1870 1987-Jul-2509:00:001989-Jul-30-
Almaz 1A 1991-Mar-3115:12:001992-Oct-12-
Almaz 1V cancelled
Timeline of every unmanned Almaz missions, 1986-1992

The Proton-K rocket that launched Cosmos 1870 into orbit, July 1987

Almaz-1A during preprocessing, 1991

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