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Exhibit-2, aka EXOI-377, is an eclipsing binary system of two K-type main sequence stars located about 146 lightyears from the solar system. Discovered by Exhibit South shortly after the facility opened in 2011. It has 6 gas giants that orbit the binary. It's the most compact out of any of the Exhibit systems and was initially ready to be confirmed as Exhibit-1 but several astronomers wanted to be 100% the RV signals that were measured were actually planetary especially since the planets themselves don't transit the pair. so an additional 5 years of RV analysis were conducted from 2015-2020. which confirmed all 6 planets with astounding confidence, the report confirming the system was published a few months after the paper confirming Exhibit-1 was, and thus it got the name of Exhibit-2.

Exhibit-2 is located in the constellation Eridanus and it both holds the record for the most amount of planets orbiting two stars and is the only circumbinary system solely confirmed with the Radial Velocity method (no transits were recorded)

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