HD 28109

Author(s): Karistus

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HD 28109, aka TOI-282, is an F-type main sequence star located about 455.13 lightyears from the solar system. that star is joined by three planets: a hyper-Mercury (b= 2.199 Re, 18.496 Me) and two lowish density Neptunes (c= 4.23 Re, 7.943 Me | d= 3.25 Re, 5.681 Me). Though the mass of HD 28109 b is poorly constrained, it points to a rocky composition, because of this, HD 28109 b could be a remnant core of a dead Jovian gas giant that lost its atmosphere though core-driven mass loss. Additionally, HD 28109 c and HD 28109 d are near a 3:2 MMR.

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