HD 23472

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HD 23472 is a binary system composed of a K-type star and a red dwarf located about 127.46 light years away from the solar system. The dominant star hosts five planets, two super-Mercuries (d= 0.75 Re, 0.55 Me | e= 0.82 Re, 0.72 Me), two Oceanic planets (f= 1.14 Re, 0.77 Me | c= 1.87 Re, 3.41 Me) and a low-density super-Earth (b= 2 Re, 8.32 Me). the study that confirmed the systems additional three planets mentioned that the star could be a good target for the search for planets within its habitable zone, and it found two notable signals at 302 days and 100 days, but they could not be confirmed if they are planetary in nature.

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