Syncom I to III

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The early Syncom satellites were 68-kg cylindrical spacecraft about 0.71 m in diameter. With the exception of Syncom I (which failed prematurely before reaching target orbit), these were the very first spacecraft ever sent into geosynchronous (Syncom II) and geostationary orbits (Syncom III) respectively. All satellites were launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA from 1963-1964, and the latter two satellites remain in operation until 1969.

Syncom I to III
Mission Start End
Syncom I 1963-Feb-14
Mission failure, lost contact shortly before reaching target orbit
Syncom II 1963-Jul-261969
First spacecraft in geosynchronous orbit
Syncom III 1964-Aug-191969-Apr
First spacecraft in geostationary orbit, having an orbital inclination of 0°

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