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Diwata-1 is the first Filipino microsatellite ever put into space. It is a small 50-kg cubesat dedicated to Earth observations and technology demonstration. It was launched and deployed from the International Space Station on 2016-Apr-27, and it imaged the Earth continuously until it reenters the atmosphere on 2020-Mar-20.
Lessons learned from operating this satellite led to the creation of the country's STAMINA4Space program currently operated by the newly established Philippine Space Agency (PhilSA) in 2019.

The Filipino team of scientists and engineers that built Diwata-1, 2016

Launch of Cygnus OA-6 from an Atlas V rocket, carrying Diwata-1 along with cargo and supplies to the ISS, 2016-Mar-23

Diwata-1 deployed from the J-SSOD of the Kibo module, 2016-Apr-27

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