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Diwata-2B, or simply Diwata-2, is a Philippine Earth observations microsatellite launched as a secondary payload to Japan's GOSAT-2 satellite on October 29, 2018. Excluding the communications satellites Agila-1 and 2 (which were purchased from satellite companies), it is the first Philippine spacecraft to be ever directly launched into space, and the first of the country's STAMINA4Space program, which succeeded the PHL-Microsat program that launched its predecessor, Diwata-1, in 2016. It remains operational as of 2022

Launch of the H-IIA rocket carrying GOSAT-2, Diwata-2B and other satellites, 2018-Oct-29

Diwata-2B's view of Taal Volcano in the aftermath of its 2020 eruption

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