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Meteor-M is a series of fourth-generation Russian weather satellites positioned in sun-synchronous orbits. A total of five satellites were launched between 2009 and 2023, where one was destroyed in a launch failure in 2017. Three additional satellites are planned to be launched in the near future

Meteor-M1 and M2

Mission Start End
Meteor-M, 2009-Present
Meteor-M1 2009-Sept-172014-Nov
Meteor-M2 2014-Jul-8(Active)
Meteor-M2-1 2017-Nov-27
Did not reach orbit, suffered an upper stage failure
Meteor-M2-2 2019-Jul-5(Active)
Replacement satellite for Meteor-M2-1
Meteor-M2-3 2023-Jun-27(Active)
Meteor-M2-4 2023
Meteor-M2-5 2024
Meteor-M2-6 2025

Meteor-M2-1 to M2-3

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