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Exhibit-3, also known as EXOI-24. Is a (fictional) solar system discovered by the (also fictional) Exhibit North and South Observatories. They both monitored the system as a collaborative effort following the confirmation of Exhibit-2 by Exhibit South, the system was marked as an object of interest after a transit signal of what would later be confirmed as Exhibit-3 d was recorded in August of 2014. Later signals followed that year by Exhibit-3 c and Exhibit-3 b. Over a year new transits were recorded, with Exhibit-3 e and f transiting in 2015, Exhibit-3 g in 2016, and the only transit of Exhibit-3 h in the Summer of 2019. Exhibit-3 i and Exhibit-3 j are considered confirmed by continuous Radial Velocity observations, but it's important to note that they haven't made any transits yet and won't make any for a long time, Exhibit-3 i is predicted to cross Exhibit-3 on Christmas Eve 2035, and Exhibit-3 j in February of 2052. The system is still considered under active study by Exhibit North and South.

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