Meteosat 1 to 7

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The first-generation Meteosat satellites were a series of seven European satellites that are designed to monitor the weather from GEO, complementing NASA's GOES satellites. Weighing around 282 kg and measuring about 3.195 m in length, these satellites were launched between 1977 and 1997, and it continued their service until the last one was decommissioned in 2017

Mission Start End
First generation, 1977-1997
Meteosat-1 1977-Nov-231984-Oct
Meteosat-2 1981-Jun-191991-Dec
Meteosat-3 1988-Jun-151995-Nov
Meteosat-4 1989-Mar-61996-Nov
Meteosat-5 1991-Mar-22007-Apr
Meteosat-6 1993-Nov-202011-Apr-15
Meteosat-7 1997-Sept-21993-Sept

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