International Sun-Earth Explorer

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The International Sun-Earth Explorers (ISEE) were a series of satellites designed to study the interaction between the Earth's magnetic field and the solar wind. Three were launched between 1977 and 1978, where the last one (also known as the International Cometary Explorer or (ICE) is notable for being the first spacecraft to enter orbit around a Lagrange point and fly by a comet in 1985


  • Both ISEE-1 and 2 can only be viewed in Celestia from 1977 to 1987
  • Only ISEE-3 (ICE) can be visited in the Present Day, albeit its name does not appear onscreen since 2014 to simulate it is now a derelict object in space
  • ISEE-3's orbit before 2014 is semifictional. This is due to lack of available surviving trajectory data necessary to accurately reconstruct its orbits since 1978

International Sun-Earth Explorer
Mission Start End
ISEE-1 1977-Oct-221987-Sept-26
Launched with ISEE-2. Also known as Explorer 56
ISEE-2 1977-Oct-221987-Sept-26
Launched with ISEE-1. Satellite operated by ESA
ISEE-3 (ICE) 1978-Aug-122014-Sept-16
Also known as Explorer 59, and renamed into ICE. First spacecraft in Sun-Earth L1 point and later visited Comet 21P in 1985

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