Future Earth

Author(s): Hal Bowman

Release date:

Last updated:

To see it, you have to go in the Time/Reset Time and set the year 2998.
This add-on shows relative fantasy space rendering, not the real Earth image.

Some facts about the three texture map of this add-on:

  • The Earth surface map shows the consequences of the greenhouse effect: entire countries, important cities (like Venice or new York) under meters of water.
  • The Earth Night map shows a probable but fictional future aspect of the night side: very big cities, but recent:after the ice caps disasters, a very large number of cities will be rebuilt.
  • The cloud map, based on the Stormy Earth add-on, shows the consequences of the pollution: a very big CO2-H2O cloud cap, like Venus, but a bit smaller.

Note: This addons puts another Earth over top of the actual Earth rather then replacing the Earth resulting in objects in Low Earth Orbit being inside the Future Earth.

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