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TOI-712 is a K-type star located about 191.10 light-years away from the solar system. The star has three planets, all mini-Neptunes orbiting at various distances (b= 2.049 Re, c= 2.701 Re, d= 2.474 Re). The orbits and distances of the planet vary with TOI-712 b having a close and eccentric orbit, though the eccentricity is poorly constrained, and the other two being farther out with TOI-712 d scrapping the edge of its star habitable zone. Additionally, during observations a fourth planet candidate was observed, it measured to be smaller than Earth and also has a close orbit (.05= 0.81 Re). The initial third candidate (TOI-712.03) was proven to be a false positive. There are no mass measurements for any of the planets.

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