SpaceX Starship

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SpaceX Starship by Endeavor35


Originally beginning life as the Interplanetary Transport System, or ITS, Starship is a super-heavy fully reusable spacecraft currently being developed by SpaceX. The current Starship design makes use of a stainless steel body, which will eventually see the addition of a TPS, or Thermal Protection System, similar to what NASA & Rockwell used on the Space Shuttle. SpaceX’s end goal with Starship is to enable significantly increased access to space, while also enabling humans to perform interplanetary voyages to Mars & beyond.


Credit to MartianDays for creating this model of Starship, from which this addon was made from.

Link to their Sketchfab profile:

Original Starship Model by MartianDays:


Converted from .fbx/.gtlf to .obj via Blender Version 2.91.2, and then from .obj to .cmod via Anim8tor Version 1.00 along with cmodview.

Textures were edited using Adobe Photoshop CC 2020 Version 21.1.3.

Basic orbital information in the .scc file was created using toutatis's Space Shuttle Atlantis addon as basis, as well as from toutatis's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter addon.

Static variants location data was based off of DavidBowmans Spaceport Locations addon as well as from SevenSpheres's Perseverance Rover addon for Mars.


All afformentioned add ons described above can be found on the Celestia Forums website:


"SpaceX Starship" ( by MartianDays is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (



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