Soyuz: 1966-1970

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The Soyuz spacecraft is a Soviet/Russian crewed spacecraft that were in active service since 1967. Originally built as part of the Soviet Manned Lunar Program, it was then redesigned as a shuttlecraft for LEO space stations starting in 1971. This addon covers the earliest Soyuz flights from 1966 to 1970, including test missions assigned with Cosmos designations


  • The default Go-to button will take you to the Soyuz 5 mission, which is only visible on January 15-18, 1969
  • Refer to the dates on the Table below to view the Soyuz flights included on this add-on

Soyuz 4 and Soyuz 5

Mission Start End
Cosmos 133 1966-Nov-281966-Nov-30
Cosmos 140 1967-Feb-21967-Feb-9
Soyuz 1 1967-Apr-231967-Apr-24
First crewed Soyuz flight. Vladimir Komarov was killed when the capsule crash-landed at end of mission
Cosmos 186 1967-Oct-271967-Oct-31
First robotic rendezvous/docking mission in history, with Cosmos 188
Cosmos 188 1967-Oct-301967-Nov-2
First robotic rendezvous/docking mission in history, with Cosmos 186
Cosmos 212 1968-Apr-141968-Apr-19
Rendezvous/docking with Cosmos 213
Cosmos 213 1968-Apr-151968-Apr-20
Rendezvous/docking with Cosmos 212
Cosmos 238 1968-Aug-281968-Sept-1
Soyuz 2 1968-Oct-251968-Oct-28
Rendezvous/docking with Soyuz 3 (failed)
Soyuz 3 1968-Oct-261968-Oct-30
Rendezvous/docking with Soyuz 2 (failed)
Soyuz 4 1969-Jan-141969-Jan-17
Rendezvous/docking with Soyuz 5
Soyuz 5 1969-Jan-151969-Jan-18
Rendezvous/docking with Soyuz 4, also performed the first-ever successful crew transfer in space
Soyuz 6 1969-Oct-111969-Oct-16
Failed rendezvous mission. Planned to film the docking of Soyuz 7 and Soyuz 8
Soyuz 7 1969-Oct-121969-Oct-17
Rendezvous/docking with Soyuz 8 (failed)
Soyuz 8 1969-Oct-131969-Oct-18
Rendezvous/docking with Soyuz 7 (failed)
Soyuz 9 1970-Jun-11970-Jun-19
18 days. Longest non-space station crewed spaceflight in history
Timeline of all Soyuz spaceflights, 1966-1970

Soyuz 6

Soyuz 7

Soyuz 8

Soyuz 9

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