GJ 1214

Author(s): SevenSpheres Edasich

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GJ 1214 is a red dwarf star 47.8 light-years away in the constellation Ophiuchus. Its one known planet was the second super-Earth/sub-Neptune observed to transit its host star. The planet has a low density, indicating a volatile-rich composition, and recent observations by JWST reveal a hazy, reflective atmosphere mainly composed of water vapor or methane, without significant amounts of hydrogen. The star and planet received the names Orkaria and Enaiposha as part of the third NameExoWorlds campaign in 2023.

This addon includes a fictional texture for GJ 1214 b depicting its hazy appearance, as well as an older texture by Edasich from 2010 and a temperature map from the Kempton et al. 2023 paper.

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