Krypton and Rao

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Rao is the name of the red dwarf (supergiant in other various media) where Superman's homeworld, the planet Krypton, is located. In the 2012 comic, Superman#14 "Star Light, Star Bright", both Kal-El and Neil deGrasse Tyson pinpointed that the nearby (real-life) star LHS 2520 is the exact same star system as Krypton and Rao was.


  • The textures used in this addon is loosely based on their appearance from the films Superman (1978) and Superman Returns (2006)
  • Enable "Render Parameters -> Tinted Illumination" if you want to see a reddish Krypton rendered on Celestia

Krypton transiting over its parent star, Rao

Krypton's Celestia depiction compared to what is seen in Superman Returns (2006).

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