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The Boeing X-37B is a small robotic spaceplane operated by the US Air Force Space Command (AFSPC), and later the US Space Force intended for flying classified military missions since 2010

Boeing X-37B
Mission Start End
Boeing OTV-1 (USA-212) 2010-Apr-222010-Dec-3
X-37B-1 (Flight 1), 224 days
Boeing OTV-2 (USA-226) 2011-Mar-222012-Jun-3
X-37B-2 (Flight 1), 468 days
Boeing OTV-3 (USA-240) 2012-Dec-112014-Oct-17
X-37B-1 (Flight 2), 674 days
Boeing OTV-4 (USA-261) 2015-May-202017-May-7
X-37B-2 (Flight 2), 717 days
Boeing OTV-5 (USA-277) 2017-Sept-72019-Oct-27
X-37B-2 (Flight 3), 779 days
Boeing OTV-6 (USA-299) 2020-May-17(Active)
X-37B-1 (Flight 3), Deployed FalconSAT-8, Ongoing

Launch of every X-37B mission from an Atlas V and a Falcon 9, 2010-2020

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