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TOI-1136 is a young (700 Myr) G-type star located about 275.26 lightyears away from the solar system, 6 Neptunian planets (b= 1.90 Re, c=2.88 Re, d= 4.63 Re, e= 2.64 Re, f= 3.88 Re, g= 2.53 Re) orbit resonantly and close to their star. Radial Velocity and TTVs were used to record the masses of all these planets (b= 3.01 Me, c= 6.0 Me, d= 8.0 Me, e= 5.4 Me, f= 8.3 Me, g=4.8 Me) with some wide ranges for planets f and g. the system has a notable chain of resonant orbits which are listed below.

b:c = 3:2

c:d = 2:1

d:e = 3:2

e:f = 7:5

f:g = 3:2


- Fixed an issue

- - Fixed another issue

- Added back some missing textures

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