Deep Impact

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Deep Impact was a NASA mission designed to study the interior of Comet Tempel 1 by releasing an impactor into the comet, of which it struck at high velocity on 2005-Jul-4. Afterwards, it was sent on an extended mission to Comet Boethin, which later redirected to Comet Hartley 2 in 2010 after the former target was declared lost. It was scheduled to visit the asteroid (163249) 2002 GT in 2020, but the probe abruptly lost contact with Earth in 2013


  • This add-on refers to the real-life NASA mission itself, not the 1998 disaster film of the same name
  • Requires the 9P/Tempel and 103P/Hartley add-ons installed first for full functionality on Celestia

Deep Impact before (left) and during launch (right), 2005-Jan

The moment of impact on 9P/Tempel, 2005-Jul-4

Size comparison of the comets visited by Deep Impact

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