Progress: 1978-1990

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Progress is a Soviet/Russian expendable cargo spacecraft. Its design was derived from the Soyuz, where it had resupplied almost every space station in existence since 1978. This addon covers all Progress flights that have occurred from 1978 to 1990, where the original 1st generation design, called the 7K-TG, was operational


  • Requires the addons Salyut 6, Salyut 7, and Mir installed first for this addon to work properly
  • The default "Go-to button" will take you to the program's very first mission launched, that of "Progress 1" to Salyut 6 in 1978
  • Refer to the dates written on the Table below to view other missions of the original Progress spacecraft

Mission Start End
Progress 1 1978-Jan-221978-Feb-6
Progress 2 1978-Jul-91978-Aug-2
Progress 3 1978-Aug-91978-Aug-21
Progress 4 1978-Oct-61978-Oct-24
Progress 5 1979-Mar-141979-Apr-3
Progress 6 1979-May-151979-Jun-8
Progress 7 1979-Jun-301979-Jul-18
Deployed the KRT-10 shortly after departure from Salyut 6
Progress 8 1980-Mar-291980-Apr-25
Progress 9 1980-Apr-291980-May-20
Progress 10 1980-Jul-11980-Jul-17
Progress 11 1980-Sept-301980-Dec-9
Progress 12 1981-Jan-261981-Mar-19
Progress 13 1982-May-251982-Jun-4
Progress 14 1982-Jul-121982-Aug-10
Progress 15 1982-Sept-201982-Oct-14
Progress 16 1982-Nov-21982-Dec-13
Progress 17 1983-Aug-191983-Sept-17
Progress 18 1983-Oct-221983-Nov-13
Progress 19 1984-Feb-231984-Mar-31
Progress 20 1984-Apr-171984-May-6
Progress 21 1984-May-101984-May-26
Progress 22 1984-May-301984-Jul-15
Progress 23 1984-Aug-161984-Aug-26
Progress 24 1985-Jun-281985-Jul-15
Cosmos 1669 1985-Jul-211985-Aug-28
Only Progress spacecraft with a Cosmos designation
Progress 25 1986-Mar-211986-Apr-20
Progress 26 1986-Apr-261986-Jun-22
Progress 27 1987-Jan-181987-Feb-23
Progress 28 1987-Mar-51987-Mar-26
Progress 29 1987-Apr-231987-May-11
Progress 30 1987-May-211987-Jul-19
Progress 31 1987-Aug-51987-Sept-21
Progress 32 1987-Sept-261987-Nov-17
Progress 33 1987-Nov-231987-Dec-19
Progress 34 1988-Jan-231988-Mar-4
Progress 35 1988-Mar-251988-May-5
Progress 36 1988-May-151988-Jun-5
Progress 37 1988-Jul-201988-Aug-12
Progress 38 1988-Sept-121988-Nov-23
Progress 39 1988-Dec-271989-Feb-7
Progress 40 1989-Feb-121989-Mar-3
Progress 41 1989-Mar-181989-Apr-21
Progress 42 1990-May-71990-May-27
Timeline of the first Progress spaceflights, 1978-1990

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