Shenzhou 7

Author(s): Thomas Tarrants (Sirius_Alpha) DaveBowman2001 Max Grüeter

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Shenzhou 7 was the third crewed spaceflight mission of the Chinese space program. Lasting for three days in September 2008, it featured the nation's first spacewalk in history, and thus successfully commencing Phase 2 of Project 921


  • To view it on Celestia, kindly set your date between 2008-Sept-25 and 2008-Sept-28
  • Zhai Zhigang's spacewalk occurred on 2008-Sept-27 (08:40 to 09:02 UTC)
  • See the addons Shenzhou 1 to 6 and Shenzhou 8 to 15 for the other crewed missions of Project 921

Zhai Zhigang waving the Chinese flag with Liu Boming in the airlock, 2008-Sept-27

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